“Z” Words in Book One

  Z Zagged – one in a series of sharp turns or reversals   Zigging – one in a series of sharp turns or reversals   Zoomed – to move quickly or suddenly with a buzzing  or humming

“Y” Words in Book One

  Y   Year-round – all year long   Yeoman – a servant, or dependable worker. Also a farmer who cultivates his own land

“X” Words

Oh no! There are NO X words in Book One? X words can be hard to come by. There are more in the Big Tilda Pinkerton Books – for 5th Grade and up.

“W” Words in Book One

  W Waterlogged – soaked with water   Wiggling – to move with short quick and irregular movements

“V” Words in Book One

  V Vanished – disappeared Varmints – an undesirable or destructive animal Velvet – a very soft fabric Visor – a hat with a piece projecting from the front to shield the eyes

“U” Words in Book One

  U Unconscious – not aware Update – to make corrections or editions to bring something up to date   What other U words can you think of that are not in the book?

“T” Words in Book One

  T   Tad – a small amount   Tamping – to force or tap down   Thieves – people who steal things from others   Thrive – to make great progress, to prosper   Thriving – prospering, being fortunate   Thundered – to utter loudly, violently   Tiles – thin slab of hard material […]

“S” Words in Book One

Fun Facts about Tilda: Tilda Pinkerton came to Earth from the Sombrero Galaxy S   Savvy – well-informed, in the know, sharp   Scarcely – barely   Scouring – rub the surface of   Scowled – to wrinkle your brow in a look of anger or disapproval   Screeched – to utter a high pitched […]

“R” Words in Book One

  R   Rattling – a quick series of short loud sounds   Realistic – interested or concerned with what is real, sensible   Reassured – to restore confidence, make free from anxiety   Recoiled – to shrink back in fear   Redirected – to change the direction, course or focus of   Refined – […]

“Q” Words in Book One

  Q   Quality time – time devoted to a person or activity with undivided attention   Quilting – stitching together two layers of cloth with a soft interlining, usually a bedspread or tablecloth   What are some more Q words?