“P” Words in Book One

  P   Parched – dry, in need of water   Particularly – to a great degree   Pate – the top of the head, or crown   Paused – a temporary stop or rest   Peeled – to turn off or leave   Peered – to look, searching to see clearly   Pelted – […]

“O” Words in Book One

  O   Objected – to show disapproval   Oblivious – unaware   Observed – to state in a comment, or make a remark   Occurs – to take place   Offered – to present for acceptance of rejection, a yes or a no   Oldtimers – an experienced person who has been through a […]

“N” Words in Book One

  N   Neither – not one or the other   Newly – not long ago, recently   Noble – showing qualities of high morals, dignity, courage, generosity and honor   Nonsense – foolish and of little or no importance   Nosedived – plunged nose first   Notary – a person licensed to prepare legal […]

“M” Words in Book One

  M   Magnificent – splendid or impressive in appearance   Marveled – to wonder at   Maze – a confusing network of paths or passages   Merely – and nothing else, or nothing more   Mesmerized – spellbound or hypnotized   Miffed – annoyed or irritated   Milliner – a person who makes or […]

“L” Words in Book One

  L Lawyer – a person whose job is to represent people in court Leeway – extra time, space or materials that make operation possible Liars – people who tell lies Livable – suitable to live in Lopsided – bigger, heavier or wider on one side Lovely – very attractive or beautiful Lowly – in […]

“K” Words in Book One

  K   Knitted – a cloth article formed by looping yarn together   Wow, that’s the only bigger K word in Book One to learn? You knew that one already, didn’t you? How about listing some bigger K words right now. What kind of K words go with King?

“J” Words in Book One

  J Jetted – to move rapidly, super fast   Wow! That’s the only big J word in Book One to learn? How about listing some big J words on your own right now!

“I” Words in Book One

  I   Illegal – not allowed under the law   Implored – to beg urgently   Impressed – to affect strongly, influence your opinion   Incredulous – skeptical, disbelieving, can’t believe it   Indeed – use for emphasis to point out a fact   Infinity – unending space, time or quantity   Inquired – […]

“H” Words in Book One

  H Hand-sewn – sewn by hand Handiwork – work done by hand (or paw in Sammy’s case!) Handmade – made by hand instead of by a machine Haphazardly – in a random manner, not in order Hatching – to create or come up with Hauling – to transport or cart Heebie-jeebies – shivers down […]

“G” Words in Book One

  G   General contractor – the person responsible for a construction project   Genuine – the real deal, pure   Gestures – the use of movements to express emotions (watch the puppet video!)   Glee – delight, pleasure   Glinted – a quick flash of light, a sparkle   Glitzy – flashy, showy   […]