“A” Words in Book One


A is for Aviator



Aback – with “taken” in front of it, it means surprised!


Absolutely – certainly, for sure, of course!


Admiration – looking at something with pleasure. (watch this puppet video!)


Admiringly – showing admiration!


Affecting – bringing up feelings or emotions.


Affordable – you have the the money to buy it.


Aglow – glowing, happy, radiant.


Aide – assistant.


Aim – pointing a gun or a punch.


All-knowing – super smart, wise.


Alongside – side by side.


Aloud – out loud.


Altered – modified, or made different.


Ambled – a slow pace or walk.


Announced – to state publicly.


Apprehensive – slightly scared or fearful.


Approached – come closer to or get nearer to.


Apron – a garment, usually worn during cooking, that protects your clothing.


Arched – making the form of an arch.


Arrange – to adjust properly.


Assure – to promise.


Assured – guaranteed.


Astonished – shocked!


Astronaut – someone trained for space travel.


Atop – on the top.


Attention – the act of directing the mind; concentration.


Attitudes – your mood, feelings, behavior.


Automatically – spontaneously, right away!


Aviator – the pilot of an airplane or air ship.


Awkward – clumsy, embarrassing.