“P” Words in Book One

P is for Police Cap




Parched – dry, in need of water


Particularly – to a great degree


Pate – the top of the head, or crown


Paused – a temporary stop or rest


Peeled – to turn off or leave


Peered – to look, searching to see clearly


Pelted – to strike repeatedly


Perched – to alight or rest upon a perch


Perfection – being or becoming perfect


Permit – an official certificate of permission, a license


Persuade – to urge


Pest – a creature or insect that harms plants


Piled – to place or lay in a pile or heap


Plodding – to walk heavily, to trudge


Polished – shiny and smooth


Politely – with good


Posed – to set forth in words


Pouncing – to seize something quickly


Pouted – to thrust out your lips to show displeasure, to sulk


Prancing – to move in a happy, proud manner


Precisely – exactly that used to confirm something someone said – yes!


Prescription – corrective lenses, prescribed by an optician


Preserves – fruit preserved with sugar


Pride – a sense of one’s own value, self-respect


Produced – to bring something into existence with creative talent or ability


Professionally – in a professional manner, appropriate for business


Professionals – people who have a particular occupation, profession, business or calling


Profit – revenue, income, money made after expenses or cost of doing business


Properly – fitting in the right or correct way


Propped – placed under or against something to keep it from falling


Protectively – in a protective manner, defensive


Proudly – showing self-respect or self-esteem


Punxsutawney – a town in central Pennsylvania where the Groundhog Day celebration is


Pursed lips – gathered together in wrinkle or folds, pucker