“R” Words in Book One

R is for Rain Hat




Rattling – a quick series of short loud sounds


Realistic – interested or concerned with what is real, sensible


Reassured – to restore confidence, make free from anxiety


Recoiled – to shrink back in fear


Redirected – to change the direction, course or focus of


Refined – cultivated, civilized, having good taste


Reflected – to think seriously, to ponder


Regarded – to look upon or observe


Register – a machine that adds a quality or number


Register – a book where records are kept


Reluctance – unwillingness


Renegade – traitor, deserter, outlaw


Reserved – kept aside for a particular person or people


Ridiculously – absurd, silly, laughable


Rights – a claim or legal title to something


Roots – ancestors, origin, where you came from

Rude – insulting, impolite


Ruined – destroyed


Ruinous – causing destruction


Rustled – to move or stir and cause a sound