“S” Words in Book One

S is for Sombrero

Fun Facts about Tilda: Tilda Pinkerton came to Earth from the Sombrero Galaxy



Savvy – well-informed, in the know, sharp


Scarcely – barely


Scouring – rub the surface of


Scowled – to wrinkle your brow in a look of anger or disapproval


Screeched – to utter a high pitched harsh cry or sound


Scruffy – shabby, untidy


Scrunched – to crumple or squeeze together


Scrutinized – to examine or inspect with great detail


Scurrying – moving quickly, with great haste


Seemingly – apparently, appearing


Selection – a collection of things


Saluted – to greet or recognize a superior


Sensational – spectacular, outstanding, out of this world


Shambled – to walk in an awkward shuffling manner


Shield – a piece of armor to protect against weapons


Shimmering – to shine or reflect tremendous light


Sidled – to move sideways


Signature – a certain style, how things are done


Slid – glided smoothly


Slightly – a small degree or amount


Slope – ground that has an incline


Slowpoke – a person who moves, works or acts slowly


Slung – tossed or thrown


Smirked – to smile in a scornful way


Snickered – a disrespectful laugh


Soggy – soaked, completely wet


Sombreros – a broad brimmed hat with a tall crown, made of straw or felt


Sought – tried, attempted


Spat – to say with contempt as if spitting (puppet video)


Spectacular – dramatic, impressive, breath taking


Sprouting – growing, developing


Sputtered – to spit out words in an excited, confused and flustered manner


Squealed – to utter a sharp cry in fear or surprise


Squeeze – a type of drink, made from pressing fruit


Squinted – to look at with eyes partly closed


Startle – to alarm, frighten or surprise suddenly


Store-made – made by a machine, not handmade


Stormed – to rush angrily


Strutted – to walk with your head held high, to swagger


Stuttered – to speak with a repetition of consonants


Style – the way in which something is sad, made, performed or done


Succeed – to accomplish something you attempt


Successful – having attained what was desired


Suggested – to offer or propose for consideration


Suited – to be appropriate or becoming


Surly – bad tempered, gruff, rude


Surveyed – to look at in a wide scope