“T” Words in Book One

T is for Top Hat




Tad – a small amount


Tamping – to force or tap down


Thieves – people who steal things from others


Thrive – to make great progress, to prosper


Thriving – prospering, being fortunate


Thundered – to utter loudly, violently


Tiles – thin slab of hard material used to cover walls, floors and roofs


Tolerated – allowed or permitted


Topic – a subject of conversation or discussion


Trembled – to shake from excitement, anger or fear


Très jolie – is French and means very pretty


Trundled – to walk as if you are rolling


Tuft – a short cluster of long strands of hair, or grass or yarn


Tunneling – making a passage through or under


Turbulent – wild, unruly, violent


Tweed – a coarse wool fabric coming in a variety of colors and weaves